Songs of my Life

I have always loved music.

The times when my heart is too full to find a way to speak, I can usually find a song that cracks that wall and brings a lump to my throat.

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

Sometimes it’s the lyrics,

sometimes it’s the music,

sometimes it’s the beat.

Some people have comfort food.

I have comfort music.

I don’t necessarily have a favourite genre. I enjoy a variety of styles and flavours.

There are songs that always, always dissolve me to tears…and there are songs that will make me smile and laugh all alone in my car on the worst of days. If you were to examine my favourites you would probably laugh out loud at the oddity of them being on the same list.

There are songs that take me back to a specific time and place…sometimes it was a random moment of happiness and other times it was a moment of searing pain where God came to me.  Through the haunting melody, through the steady beat, through the soaring harmonies, chords, lyrics and breaths.  I could go back and bookmark my entire life with songs.

I am so thankful God gave humans the ability to create music; to be able to weave together the threads of our souls and express it in so many different ways is an absolutely mesmerizing gift!  More than that, I am thankful God chooses to come to me through music so many times. To gently soothe the aches, to nudge me into joy, to remind me of truth and to invite me to worship all that He is. Artists take the most beautiful, painful and important aspects of life and translate them to music because they know there will be many more people who will connect with their experiences.

Someday I will write them all down…that list of a thousand songs that walked me through my life from as far back as I can remember.


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