I Said What?!?

I thought I was the only one who had a child like this! I just realized that I am not and it is the best feeling I’ve had in ages 🙂 LOL

Sizzle Bop

  —  What was your brain telling you before you sat on the doorknob?       —  No thanks. Mommy does not want to smell you earwax.             —  We don’t lick the car.                 Read more things we can hardly believe we ever said.               

said what-1


Can you believe some of the things we say as parents? I was so amazed at the strange things coming out of my mouth that I decided to have a contest to find out what OTHER parents of Sizzlers are saying to their kids. If you want to read the entire hysterical list, click above. My personal favorite involves a tooth. Keep a lookout for it. This list is a good place to come back to every now and then to remember, when you find yourself saying…

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