Choosing to Enjoy Life Without My Galaxy S4 :(


I just have to laugh out loud at that title I just typed in because it’s so ridiculous ūüôā


I have to tell you this story.

So, in this family we don’t buy phone warranties, because…well…I will give you the short version of my husband’s long lecture on this!!

$7/month for phone warranty adds up to a whoppin’ $84 a year simply on phone warranty that you probably won’t use.¬† That means in 2 years, you’ll pay $164 simply on phone warranty.

I get it.

I agree…sorta.

That is, I did agree…

Except that less than a year ago I got this awesome Galaxy S4¬†that I am totally in love with and my whole life is on there.¬† It’s a super awesome phone.¬† Perfect size, great layout, lots of great features…yadda yadda yadda.¬† It’s my home phone, my cell phone, my quick-looking-up-a-question-tool, my internet router, my music storage, my shopping lists, my menstrual calendar, my email, my GPS, my alarm clock, my connection to just about everyone I know!¬† Whew.¬†¬†(Deep breathing exercises here.)


when the screen suddenly goes black…it’s not cool.

Not cool at all.

But we’re ok, right?¬† (Please God, let it be ok?!?)

Because Alicia is not addicted to her phone!

In fact, she’s made painful efforts to try to ensure she IS NOT addicted to her phone!¬† She is totally staunch on the rule of not being rudely connected to her phone while in public, socializing, etc…though this may possibly be slipping a bit.

She purposely leaves it behind sometimes when she goes outside (for like a 2 second walk.)¬† She ignores it sometimes when she is busy and hears it ding at her (like if her hands are messy.)¬† She has even made huge efforts to stop checking facebook¬†so many times a day and snooping into other people’s lives and not being ok with just plain boredom!!¬† So Alicia is definitely not addicted to her phone.¬† She is totally ok with the fact that it crashed and her SIM card did not fit into the phone that was supposed to be back up (the clunker she was perfectly happy with until SHINY NEW FANTASTIC S4 came along!)¬† Oh yeah, she was totally cool with this.

So the real story is…I was really, really, really disappointed.


People, this is the second time that this has happened to my marvelous phone in less than a year, so $7 a month would have totally paid off by now!

So I don’t know…

But the thing is, I had to look at that beautiful, sleek little¬†thing lying all torn apart on the dresser¬†and just shake my head.¬† How is it that these little things can totally get my little brain hopping with anxiety?¬† I kept pushing it out of the way like an annoying little mosquito saying, “Really, Alicia?¬† You’re going to let yourself get upset about this?”¬† But it was so hard!¬† Hard on my pride, too.¬† Especially when I KNEW I needed to work on this issue and thought I was doing ok with it!¬† Maybe God just wanted to point out how far I have to go.

The good news is that when my husband got home he was able to make my mini¬†SIM fit just perfectly¬†in the big SIM spot on that old clunker I used to love and make it work ok.¬† I don’t have all my contacts, and some of the syncing was turned off¬†so I didn’t¬†immediately have everything right there…but you know what?¬†¬†This woman is¬†going to learn the lesson this time!¬† I am making some eensy¬†weensy¬†noble choices to try to turn this monster around and put it back in it’s place.

Rule #1 – no FB on my phone.¬† Cuz let’s¬†face it, it just wasn’t working!¬† There were way too many times¬†I found myself standing somewhere scrolling through FB and going…oops,¬†I totally did that without even thinking about whether I really needed to. BIG time waster in my life…especially when it means¬†turning my eyes down from those beautiful little faces that come tromping¬†around here for some attention and loving.¬† Not worth the trade in, folks!¬† It is really not that hard to just take a few extra minutes and tune into FB on our computer, which-WHO KNEW- is perfectly¬†functional!!!¬† It means a few extra minutes effort required to make me stop and think…is this really necessary right now?

Rule #2 – No complaining about the ‘clunker’ that served you faithfully for years.¬† If it was fine then, it’s ok now too…especially since¬†it is actually the phone my husband uses all winter long¬†:/¬† Yes, the¬†speakers are a little crackly and annoying.¬† Yes, he’s got all kinds of¬†junk on there and it doesn’t feel like MINE.¬†¬†Yes, it’s got scratches and it’s too small and it’s old…but no complaining, right?¬† This is major league¬†first world problems here that need a little perspective!

With any luck my husband is going to try fixing that thing up with…a hair dryer?!?!?!¬† Yikes.¬† He is pretty careful though, so I actually am going to trust his call on this one ūüôā¬† Or we might be able to somehow squeeze a phone repair into the budget sometime soon,¬†since my husband really does need his¬†personal/snow removal business phone back as well.¬† But I will try to be patient.¬† I will not whine and complain.¬† I will not feel sorry for myself for not having my beloved S4.¬† I will remember that in the grand scope of things, this is not a big deal at all.

If I do get S4 back again, though…

I will not take her to the beach without putting her in a plastic bag first.

I will not leave her lying on messy counter spaces.

I will leave her in safe places as much as possible.

I will thank God for my working phone.

I will…

Ok, this is getting carried away again.


No wonder¬†Jesus said it is so hard for rich people to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.¬†¬†Even when we think we’ve got that thing under¬†control…those greedy little hands¬†¬†hearts just keep wanting more.



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