That 3 Letter Word…..

I am re blogging this series from a blog I love called 4 Little Fergusons. Whether you’re single, newlywed or married for many years I encourage you to go ahead and be blessed by the honesty and passion in this series on sex. Let’s face it, in a culture pushing a twisted version of sex into our faces 24/7 we need lots of encouragement to embrace God’s view of sex inside and outside of marriage! So follow the links and enjoy the ride 🙂 Hope you’ll be blessed, convicted and re energized as much as I was!

4 little Fergusons

Today we are talking about a 3 letter word.

It begins a series on the “S” word………



I know, I know, it makes people squirm and blush, but you all, as the Body of Christ, we have got to stop hiding and start talking about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have so much I want to talk to you about in this area, and I have even contacted a friend to guest post about this important topic.

We have already discussed talking to your kids about sex.  Honest and simple terms with no squirming or shaming them for asking.  If you missed it, you are in luck, your assignment for today, is to go read it here: The Birds & The Bees Post.


  I have been working on this series for 2 months now, and I have to tell you, either I have “new car syndrome” {Where…

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